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Breed: Haflinger

Birth Year: 2000

Carly Rae is a beautiful Haflinger mare who found her forever home at Midnight's Equine Rescue & Sanctuary in June of 2016. 

We know that Carlyrae had worked as a Arabber cart horse in downtown Baltimore, enduring the heat and exhaust fumes on a daily basis. When the stable she was living in was condemned by the health department of the City of Baltimore, Carlyrae was bought from an Arabber in 2007 by a woman with a passion for saving these horses from being sent to slaughter.  A Horse Rescue in Md. accepted Carlyrae and she was subsequently adopted out and returned to the Rescue several times over the years,  for various reasons. Fast forward to the present day!  In 2016, Carlyrae was transferred from the  Horse Rescue (who so kindly took her in back in 2007) to Midnight's Equine Rescue & Sanctuary.  

Carlyrae is getting along well with the other horses and has had no behavior problems (other than wanting to be the 1st in line for carrots!) either in the herd or with her caregivers.   

Carlyrae "gets" that Midnight's Equine Rescue & Sanctuary is now her Forever Home and she's happy, at long last. 



Breed: Haflinger

Birth Year: 2008

Simba is a Haflinger gelding. Simba's  life before the age of five is unknown to us.  He was bought four years ago at the New Holland auction in Pa.   

For most horses, sadly, winding up at the New Holland auction is most unlucky since many of the horses will be sold for slaughter.  Luckily for Simba, he caught the eye of a lady who wanted to buy a horse for her young daughter to ride.  Apparently Simba had not been schooled in trail riding since most Haflinger's care about their riders and enjoy going out on the trail.  Simba, on the other hand, must have been frightened by the new experience of being ridden and bucked off his young rider.  

So, as the adoptive owner did not have the time or money to work with Simba, they turned Simba over to a Horse Rescue. The Rescue enrolled Simba in a professional horse training program and lo and behold, Simba  progressed so well that he was quickly fostered by a woman who was interested in riding Simba in trail riding competitions.  Simba and his new foster owner took 6th place at the Maryland State Fair competition! Wow--Simba---what a talented horse!

It is impossible for us to know when or how Simba's left eye sustained an injury.  Ulcerated and untreated by an equine veterinary eye specialist, Simba suffered and went blind in that eye.

In addition, unruly mares were bullying Simba (those nasty girls!:) which created an untenable situation for Simba leading to unpredictable behaviors. Prompting his foster owner to ask the Horse Rescue to take him back.  The Rescue was unable to do this.


The situation became dire when there was talk of euthanizing Simba. 

Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary (Wendy Zabicki, Director) came to Simba's Rescue!

With Simba's life at stake, Wendy Zabicki agreed to welcome Simba into the Rescue herd at Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary in Maryland.  

Simba arrived at the Sanctuary the evening of January 8, 2017.  He immediately became friends with Wendy Zabicki.


*SIMBA is asking for all horse loving (especially Haflinger loving!) folks to help sponsor him.  The monthly cost to maintain each horse at the Rescue/Sanctuary is $200+.  Simba would love to have many sponsors!

Simba would be happy to meet his sponsors as well. 

Families are welcome! 

Sponsors may arrange a visit date and time with Wendy Zabicki, Director, Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary.  

Thank you for your interest in our friendly and handsome, SIMBA, our rescued Haflinger horse. 



Breed: Shetland pony 

Birth Year: 1988

Jakie is a 30+ year-old Shetland pony that for many years pulled a cart filled with produce for street peddlers – known locally as “Arabbers” (or A- rabbers) – in the City of Baltimore, Maryland. After hours of pulling a produce cart, Jakie was kept in a ramshackle stable in west Baltimore until, one day, city officials condemned it. As a result, Jakie, along with many other carthorses, were sent to live in makeshift stables at Pimlico Racetrack in Laurel, Maryland.

After years of having only experienced the hard asphalt streets of Baltimore and the shelter of a poorly maintained stable, Jakie’s life took a turn for the better when, thanks to several horse lovers who wanted to help ponies and horses, he was bought from an Arabber and sent to live at a horse rescue in Maryland. 

Eventually, he found his forever home in 2014 at Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary. Now, Jakie is our equine ambassador, going to schools and fairs (with Wendy Zabicki, Director of Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary) where he excels at helping educate children and adults about ponies.

His best friend at the Sanctuary is Gemma, a pony who, though smaller than Jakie, more than holds her own with him. His favorite food? Carrots! And, when the grass returns to the farm fields in the summer, he really loves nibbling away at it!



Breed: Spotted Draft Horse

Birth Year: ~1999

India was bought by a kill buyer/slaughter from the new Holland auction in 2013 She was rescued by a wonderful lady who also ended up paying for Tiny Tim’s rescue from the kill buyers. We arrived in Lancaster PA to pick her up and quickly noticing that she had pneumonia (snot pouring out of her nose), was blind in one eye, thin and had lice. When we met the kill buyers they had way too many horses stuffed in a stock trailer. In order to get to India they had to pull off a Belgian draft gelding who also was very thin with snot  pouring out of his nose with horrible hooves. When the lady heard about the Belgian we were sent to retrieve him too. 

Now back to India, she did have pneumonia, lice and one blind eye but she also had Shoes that were left on so long the hoof had grown over them. She was a very gentle soul and was thought to be pregnant. (Blood test confirmed) After several months of prenatal care and wondering and guessing it was determined she either reabsorbed or was never truly pregnant. 

While India will spook quite easily on her blind side she is genuinely quite pleasant to be around. Because of her size and her color she is usually one of the favorites of the people who visit.


Tiny Tim

Breed: Belgian draft gelding

Birth Year: ~2008

Tiny Tim AKA Timmy is a Belgian draft gelding gives me found himself as a very fortunate accident, as we were sent to rescue India from a kill buyer in Lancaster Pennsylvania at the New Holland auction house. When we arrived we found a stock trailer smashed full of horses. They had to pull Timmy off of the trailer in order to get to India. All I remember is a young large beast of a horse with hip bones sticking out, Snot rolling out of his nose and hooves that look like they have been through a grinder. Once I spoke to the lady who had rescued India she could not bear the fact that that poor horse was going to end up going to slaughter so she sent us back to get him. Although he was a little too big for the little two horse trailer that I had and we had to arrange for a different rescue to transport him to us. We got him safely back to the rescue just a couple days after India in 2013.

Timmy did have pneumonia, lice and 3 abscessed hooves. We quickly learned that Timmy has a horrible issue with people touching his feet and had to be heavily sedated in order to have anything done with them.  His hooves are a constant battle. He often times develops abscesses at least once or twice a year and even though the half walls are growing back they do not seem to be growing back normally. Timmy is getting around and seems to be in no pain even though his hooves look Horrendous. 

Most people that come to the rescue are either afraid or mesmerized by Timmy's sheer size. He is not always the most affectionate but he definitely loves treats and apples/carrots. 

The first five years of his life we’re not the best but from the day they had to pull him off the trailer to get India and for the rest of his life, Tiny Tim will never have to worry or wonder if he’s loved.



Breed: Tennessee Walker 

Birth Year: 2012

Before coming to Midnight’s Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, then 6-year old Tula was part of a frightened herd that had been neglected for months.  Some horses had not even survived the neglect.  In the farm field laid the carcasses of horses that had suffered and died from lack of adequate food, water and medical care. 

Though emaciated with her ribs and hipbones showing and her legs weakened and bowed, Tula was among the lucky survivors.  The toll on her was both psychological and physical. During her first year after being rescued, Tula needed careful socialization.  Over time, she grew calmer around other horses and trusting of humans.

Today, veterinarians recommend that Tula not be ridden as her bowed hind legs make her gait especially rough. Her weakened hip and leg bones do not, however, deter​ her from joining the rest of the herd as they joyfully trot in from the pasture for dinner. With her strong neck and fine features, her nearly black body, and long tail and mane, Tula is a satiny beauty... a beauty that is reflected inwardly, too, thanks to her serene nature that has blossomed since her rescue. While caring for this once neglected horse has taken patience, our efforts have been repaid by Tula’s inquisitive nature and warm companionship.

You can help in several ways to care for this beautiful horse. Midnight’s Rescue is always in need of responsible volunteers be they retirees or students. You can also contribute to Tula care by making a monetary donation at whatever amount you are comfortable with. Your contributions help buy feed and pay for ongoing farrier and medical expenses.



Breed: Quarter horse 

Birth Year: 2001

Zoey is a Quarter horse cross who worked for many years as an Arabber cart house in Baltimore City. In 2007 when the City condemned the ramshackle stables that the cart horses were living in, Zoey and many other horses were sent to a tent/stable at Pimlico Racetrack in Laurel, Maryland. Horse lovers were invited to come and see the horses and many of them were sold, Zoey being one of them. Upon arriving at a local horse rescue, Zoey was treated to healthier feed, treats of carrots and apples, and a whole lot of attention.​

The horse lover that rescued Zoey knew that an owner is the first line of defense for the horse against an uncertain and most likely very grim future. All the horses rescued from the ramshackle stable were in great peril of being taken to a horse auction and sold for slaughter. The relationship and connection between Zoey and her rescuer saved her from that horrific fate.

Zoey's rescuer kept tabs on her over the next several years and learned that she had been sent to live with a foster who was interested in riding Zoey. Since Zoey had only been a cart horse and had never been schooled in carrying a rider, this didn't work out and she was returned to the horse rescue. In 2014, Zoey's rescuer moved her to Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary where Zoey has found her forever home.

Zoey has found her place in the herd at the Sanctuary and for the first time ever, is quite willing to approach humans both in the field and up at the fence. This is thanks to the dedicated efforts of Wendy Zabicki, Director, Midnight's Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, and to the visitors to the Sanctuary who help socialize the horses.

Zoey's favorite food? Apples!



Breed: Miniature Horse 

Birth Year: unknown

With a dark brown and very fuzzy coat, Gemma is a little bit of a mystery. We do not know who, or why she was, brought to the auction where she was purchased by a kill buyer. We do know that when the kill buyer and auction staff tried to corral her into the trailer for the trip to the slaughterhouse, Gemma ran, jumped, hopped, skipped and scurried away. Tired of chasing her, the kill buyer eventually gave up and abandoned her at the auction house. Midnight’s Equine Rescue was able to offer Gemma sanctuary only after a strong and speedy auction worker swept her off her hooves – with his bare hands -- and carried her into our trailer. At Midnight’s, we joke that Gemma is so quick that she should be racing at Preakness or the Kentucky Derby.

As Gemma is very skittish around humans, we believe that she was either never socialized or perhaps abused. She is very social with other horses though and, in fact, dominates the other miniature horse at the sanctuary.


Rhonda Rousey

Breed: Small Mule

Birth Year: 2002

Rhonda is a small mule with a bit of an uncertain past. We do know that Rhonda spent seven years at a horse rescue. During those seven years there were very few people that could even touch her let alone pet her. Her name is that rescue was RB which student for rope burn which as I was told was what you would get if you got a hold of her. She was very insecure and fearful. She got along with the two horses in her field which were Carly Rae and a small pony. Carly Rae had come to us and not too long after the small pony got adopted which left Rhonda all by herself. She was not doing well and so the rescue asked if I would be willing to take her on as a sanctuary. My response was if we can get her on a trailer and get her here she is welcome. So in 2016 with some help from a few friends and volunteers Rhonda was carefully convinced that going on the trailer was better than staying in the paddock. We backed the trailer right up to our fence and released Rhonda into the field. Of course I couldn’t leave her name is RB so who better to name her after other than a very strong woman who has a lot of fight in her. It became evident that she was welcome him to the herd as she jumped the fence and went into the herd by herself. Rhonda will gladly take carrots, apples and peppermints from just about anyone. But she is still very leery of letting anyone touch her. Thank goodness that she has been Healthy and that we can easily do you worm her by adding it to feed. We will never give up hope that she may one day learn to trust but until then she is welcome to live her life here at Midnight’s as she pleases. 



Breed:  Cross 

Birth Year: 2013

My daughter came to me the day before her 18th birthday and asked me to save Manny. This was an odd rescue as Manny was only 4 months old when my daughter found him being sold or a Facebook page. She watched the post for about a week. She found out that this little one had already been in 3 homes and now looking for his 4th. Turns out that he was a bottle fed baby. He was supposed to be a paint/Belgian cross and needed somewhere that he could find stability. So needless to say for my Daughter’s 18th Birthday, my daughter and I took a 2.5 hr trip (one way) to get this sweet boy. We know that babies are not usually put in sanctuaries but we feared that this boy would only be passed around flip-flopping from home to home until he either got lucky enough to find a great home or he was sold at an auction.  So Manny skipped those steps and came straight to us. This is one lucky man! Our hopes for Manny is that he can do therapy work for people. 



Breed:  Filly

Birth Year: ~2013

Chiquita came to the rescue as an owner surrender in 2015. As a two-year-old Filly, She had already found herself flip-flopping homes, ending up in an auction house and being bought by a well-meaning young girl who only found herself to be overwhelmed. The new owner decided that she really wanted this girl to have a wonderful home for the rest of her life, So she reached out to Midnight’s. Chiquita may not have a horrible situation that she left but she no longer has to worry about flip-flopping and wondering where she’s going to end up. She is now a part of our herd and will be until her last day. Our hopes are that Chiquita will be able to do therapy work for people. 


Lunar Eclipse

Breed:  Thoroughbred

Birth Year: ~2000

Lunar eclipse AKA Luna. Luna is one of two resident horses. As a resident horse, all of her care is paid for by Wendy Zabicki. No donations are used toward her care. 

I purchased Luna when she was four years old and my daughter was nine years old. My daughter was eventing and was at the point that she needed a horse of her own. I was definitely not sure about buying a four-year-old Thoroughbred for my daughter. Although my daughter had been riding Luna for almost a year as a sale prospect at the barn we were riding at. But after searching for quite a while it became evident that Luna was meant to be my daughters. They evented for six years until Luna ended up breaking her pelvis while running around in her pasture. It was a long haul but she recovered and is OK for light riding although will never event again. Even though she will never be able to do the job she was intended for we will always love and care for her. She will be with us Until her last day!



Breed:   Thoroughbred  

Birth Year: ~2000

Miette is one of two resident horses. As a resident horse, all of her care is paid for by Wendy Zabicki. No donations are used toward her care.

Miette started her life off like a racehorse named Lake Boone. She was bought off the track by a wonderful lady who utilized her for eventing and brought her along very nicely. After a few years, she was then passed to a wonderful young lady who was also eventing. It just so happened that when that young lady was going off to college it was at the same time that Luna had broken her pelvis and my daughter was looking for a ride in eventing. We had already known Miette for quite some time as both of these people rode at the same barn that we did. So it became clear that it was meant to be. Although after a little over a year my daughter had an accident on a different horse and ended up breaking her leg in three spots. From that day forward Miette became retired and was more of my trail horse. Luna and Miette will spend the rest of their time with us and the rescue horses at Midnight’s equine rescue and sanctuary.